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Trust The Process: Continue Through The Crap

So if you are familiar with the DPTaughtMe Series “Trust the Process” you know this is about to me some thought provoking, in your feelings, leave you inspired and questioning yourself kinda post. If you’re not, just know this installment series discusses how we can get through life’s ups and downs one step at a time-together. With that being said…

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Trust the Process: The Intro

Remember when you first thought about joining your organization? You attended the events, rubbed elbows with the members, researched history, expressed interest and waited ever so quietly until an official invitation shook your world up. You had dreamed of becoming a Frat or Soror and now it was finally your chance to show and prove. From that moment, you imagined what your line jacket would look like, who would be at your probate, how loud you would be during role call and when you’d run out to be Super Neo once your org’s song came on at any given black function. Yeah. According to you, you were in that thing. Until you realized, there was a process.

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