DPTaughtMe Highlights Best Tweets from Watch The Yard about Greek Fraternity and Sorority Life, Leadership, Mentorship and Influence #NoBillNoBreak Senate Sit In For Gun Control Laws

11 Tweets Only “Woke” Greeks Will Understand

In case you missed it, Watch the Yard WENT IN this past weekend on Twitter.  In a sea of  intriguing trends, this one is the mother of all online  Greek conversations. For a good hour, WTY had its Twitter trigga fingers ready with comments concerning Greek organizations, their purpose and the roles they play in today’s campus and community efforts.  Truth spewed out of each tweet so fast, you could have hosted a Twitter sermon and every retweet would have been a “PREACH”.

DPTaughtMe Highlights Best Tweets from Watch The Yard about Greek Fraternity and Sorority Life, Leadership, Mentorship and Influence

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DPTaughtMe Atlanta Greek Picnic Event Coverage

5 Overlooked AGP Events Greeks Need To Hit Up

For the last 12 years, thousands of Greeks have migrated from around the country to attend the Mecca of Greek Life picnics, THE Atlanta Greek Picnic. Whether folks are traveling by car, plane, boat or train, people are coming to create their own crazy stories from the picnic and steps show. And not to say that those two events aren’t live af, because they are. But there are plenty of other events poppin leading up to the weekend that deserve some major shine too. So here we go! Here are 5 overlooked AGP events Greeks need to hit up the week of June 6-12!

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DPTaughtMe Dream Without Limits Podcast Greek Life Sorority and Fraternity Leadership

DPTaughtMe Chops It Up on Dream Without Limits Radio

Sooooo because I love NPHC Greeks with great minds, contagious laughs and random conversation, it is no surprise that Mr. Alex Hanse,  Alpha man and Founder of Foolies Clothing, and I connected to do an episode for his Dream Without Limits podcast!

We talked about er’thang from purpose, making your dreams real, how to get through life’s low points, the importance of Blavity,  my childhood, relationships, forgiveness, melaniiiiiiiiiiin and so much more. Also, excuse my cough….allergy season is in full swing and it’s making a fool out of me.

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DPTaughtMe Greek Life Leadership and Mentorship Blog Anniversary

It’s DPTaughtMe’s 1st Year Blogaversary Baby!

This month, we are celebrating our one year blogaversary! What a difference a year makes. You never know what could happen in the time span of 365 days. This time last year, I officially started DPTaughtMe. And by officially,  I mean dedicated to writing on a regular basis.

At that time ,I was in the middle of difficult seasonal shift. I was in the middle of a tedious and at times discouraging job transition. Family life got a little crazy. I think I was in the middle of some romantic mess (I’m not quite sure what my romantic life has really come to …it all becomes a blur at times). And amidst all of that, my purpose was lost in the making. And then…

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DPTaughtMe Greek Life Career Workshop: Leadership Pic 2

DPTaughtMe Takes the Blog to Campus with Career Workshops

As you guys know, I started DP Taught Me as a way to talk about Greek Fraternal and Sororal leadership in a way that is productive, innovative and relatable. Yall also know if I’m talkin about it, I’m being about it. I made it a point to include workshops as a part of blogging platform to help undergraduate Greek organizations develop into the amazing student leaders I know they could be.  So, I wanted to give you guys a sneak peak of what that looks like!

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koreyelle single wives club werk 101 werk pray slay

Prophyte Profiles: Koerey talks Lessons from AKA (Part 2)

Hey Hey Fam! Welcome back to DPTaughtMe’s first installment of Prophyte Profiles where we spotlight bright, driven and community driven NPHC members in different industries. To kick off our fresh segment, we interviewed Ms. Koereyelle Dubose, career/branding consultant and author of the new book, Werk 101. Last week we discussed the passion and purpose behind brand, her biggest lessons learned in business and what keeps her motivated. Today, we’re going to explore what attracted her to Alpha Kappa Alpha, how AKA has helped develop her as a woman, and what she wants future Ivies to know about sorority life.

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