Trust the Process: The Intro

Remember when you first thought about joining your organization? You attended the events, rubbed elbows with the members, researched history, expressed interest and waited ever so quietly until an official invitation shook your world up. You had dreamed of becoming a Frat or Soror and now it was finally your chance to show and prove. From that moment, you imagined what your line jacket would look like, who would be at your probate, how loud you would be during role call and when you’d run out to be Super Neo once your org’s song came on at any given black function. Yeah. According to you, you were in that thing. Until you realized, there was a process.

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Dear Black SMU Greek Aspirants…

So originally, my blog this week was supposed to focus on “Trusting the Process” when it comes to dealing with life issues. However, seeing as how a new interesting Greek incident recently popped up on my Newsfeed, it’s only appropriate to address the matter at hand. Many of you may have seen @laylaevette’s screenshots (an AKA from Southern Methodist University) floating around your timeline. It’s even garnered attention from Ms. Being Mary Jane herself, Gabriel Union. If you haven’t seen them yet,  each photo captures comments and suggestions as to why some sororities at SMU don’t accept and/or seek out women of color, specifically Black women, when it comes to their recruitment efforts.

Though all of the statements were disgusting, there were a few that were distinctively disturbing to me:

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Study Habits to Raise Your Chapter’s GPA: Part 2

Welcome back to DPTaughtMe Study Hall! If this is your second time with us for Study Habits, that means you want that GPA lookin nice for you and your Greek organization. We’re proud of you!  And if this is your first time seeing this, make sure you check out Part One of this installment. We have some good advice about being “Basic” and establishing your ideal Study Squad.

And we’re not done. We have a few more ideas to help you nail that midterm and/or final for this semester! So let’s hop right into it!

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Role Call: The Greeks Behind Black & Sexy TV

In my downtime, aside from reading, blogging and scrolling through my social media newsfeeds, I love catching up on my favorite television shows. Now, it’s been a while since I’ve watched traditional television. Don’t get me wrong… I catch my fair share of Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder, Empire, Power and Being Mary Jane episodes. However, independent webseries are my homies!

And nooooo I’m not talking about Netflix, aka thirst trap central. My must-haves reside on Youtube and VHX. More specifically, I love watching Black webseries that reflect my every day friends, family and situatons. I want to share a few of my favorite webseries that relate to Greek life in some way, shape or form. One of my absolute faaaaaaaaavorite Youtube channels is Black & Sexy TV.

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