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Trust The Process: Continue Through The Crap

So if you are familiar with the DPTaughtMe Series “Trust the Process” you know this is about to me some thought provoking, in your feelings, leave you inspired and questioning yourself kinda post. If you’re not, just know this installment series discusses how we can get through life’s ups and downs one step at a time-together. With that being said…

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Dope Divine Nine Gifts for You and Your Bae

February is made for two fantastic observances: Black History Month and Valentine’s Day! Since we have the whole month to focus on the amazing contributions of our brilliant black members of society, I’m going to use this the first few February posts to focus on the day of love ( and to support Black businesses).  We want to make sure you’re good in the love and gift department! Although, we’re pretty sure you have it covered, just in case you’re running behind on gift ideas or have no earthly clue on where to start, we got you.

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