DPTaughtMe 3 Symptoms of Greeks with Excuses, Greek Life Leadership and Mentorship, Accountability

3 Symptoms of Greeks With Excuses

Soooooooooooooo long time, no hear huh?

I haven’t blogged anything in quite a few months and I’ve missed out on a plethora of headlines that could have been Greek Life viral bangers. There are few blogs I actually have back logged – still relevant, but definitely dated. For example…

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DPTaughtMe 4 Actions Greeks Must Do Before Joining Grad Chapter Greek Life Leadership, Greek Life Mentorship, Greek Life Leadership, NPHC BGLO Guidance

4 Actions Greeks MUST Take Before Joining Grad Chapter

Outside of crossing the burning sands, joining a grad chapter could be the second most important decision you could make in regards to showing your commitment to your Black Greek Fraternity or Sorority. But, like with choosing an undergrad chapter, you can’t join any chapter all willy nilly.

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DPTaughtMe, Watch The Yard, Beyond This Place, Real Zetas, Progressive Greek, Black Greeks Speak and the Harbor Institute come together to pose joint call to action press statement regarding the #BlackLivesMatter movement and NPHC & Greek Life Leadership and Involvement

#BLACKLIVESMATTER PSA: Black Greek Influencers Call For Divine Nine Members To Take Action

In the past few weeks, America has once again experienced the atrocious aftermath of what happens when tainted race relations, corrupt policing and community discourse goes unsolved. The  murder of Alton SterlingPhilando Castile and 5 Dallas police officers has reignited our nation’s unresolved racial injustice issues and the backlash has been incredibly disheartening and disturbing. In an attempt to take action and bring our communities together, your favorite Black Greek Influencers have come together to put out a joint statement concerning crooked policing practices, the Black Lives Matter movement, and the role Divine Nine members can play in bridging the gap.

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DPTaughtMe Highlights Best Tweets from Watch The Yard about Greek Fraternity and Sorority Life, Leadership, Mentorship and Influence #NoBillNoBreak Senate Sit In For Gun Control Laws

11 Tweets Only “Woke” Greeks Will Understand

In case you missed it, Watch the Yard WENT IN this past weekend on Twitter.  In a sea of  intriguing trends, this one is the mother of all online  Greek conversations. For a good hour, WTY had its Twitter trigga fingers ready with comments concerning Greek organizations, their purpose and the roles they play in today’s campus and community efforts.  Truth spewed out of each tweet so fast, you could have hosted a Twitter sermon and every retweet would have been a “PREACH”.

DPTaughtMe Highlights Best Tweets from Watch The Yard about Greek Fraternity and Sorority Life, Leadership, Mentorship and Influence

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#StayMadAbby – Divine 9 Clapback

#STAYMADABBYLet me just say, every time I am having a writer’s block, Black Twitter swoops in like the OG Superhero it is and gives me something intriguing to talk about. Shout out one time to the #StayMadAbby hashtag. Reading these stories and scrolling through your pictures have been absolutely amazing. Now, let’s get into Ms.Abigail Fisher, Supreme Court Justice Scalia and the beloved affirmative action debate. If you’re not familiar with this case, here are some awesome links to catch you up in detail:

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