DPTaughtMe Highlights Best Tweets from Watch The Yard about Greek Fraternity and Sorority Life, Leadership, Mentorship and Influence #NoBillNoBreak Senate Sit In For Gun Control Laws

11 Tweets Only “Woke” Greeks Will Understand

In case you missed it, Watch the Yard WENT IN this past weekend on Twitter.  In a sea of  intriguing trends, this one is the mother of all online  Greek conversations. For a good hour, WTY had its Twitter trigga fingers ready with comments concerning Greek organizations, their purpose and the roles they play in today’s campus and community efforts.  Truth spewed out of each tweet so fast, you could have hosted a Twitter sermon and every retweet would have been a “PREACH”.

DPTaughtMe Highlights Best Tweets from Watch The Yard about Greek Fraternity and Sorority Life, Leadership, Mentorship and Influence

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2 Things That Caused the Death of Deference (And What We Can Do About It!)

I don’t know about yall, but when I think about the word “deference”, I immediately think of one thing: how many times I hear prophytes complaining about the lack of integrity and respect younger, unruly and hardheaded lines have for themselves and seasoned Greek members.  This came to me last week when I was penning 3 Ways Prophytes Can Be Better Mentors. Then, follow up questions slowly began to percolate: what caused the disintegration of deference? Why do you think this took place? And most importantly, what can we do to reverse the epidemic?

As I marinated on this notion, two things came to mind:

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Greek Mentorship.

3 Ways Prophytes Can Be Better Peer Mentors

Hey Hey Fam!

It is officially the first blog of the New Year and we’re starting off with a BANG! We’ve already covered No BS Ways to Goal Setting for your members, organizational chapters and council. (Don’t forget to download the free #GreekGoals Worksheets btw). We know that you’re in planning mode for the upcoming semester and we want to make sure your year is as amazing as possible. One of the best ways to serve as a catalyst for change on your campus is to become a mentor. January is National Mentoring Month and yall know we are all about personal and professional development! So this month, we’ll be focusing on the power of Greek mentorship, tips on how to use your letters to become influential forces in your peer’s lives, and challenging the perception of generational mentorship within Greekdom.

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Greeks Against Domestic Violence

If anyone knows me, they know I like being a busy body. I love finding unique things to do in my city. Often times, if my friends can’t make it to my outings, I’m out and about by myself. Although I am completely fine with rolling solo dolo, for safety reasons, I have to be extra cautious about my whereabouts. Even though I haven’t used my lethal knuckles in a while,  I do wonder if there are other techniques/ tools that I need to know about in order to defend myself (Lord forbid) if anything were to happen.

Then that made me think: I don’t have to live in this kind of fear on a daily basis. However, some people don’t have the luxury of living with this peace of of mind everyday. October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month and I began thinking about how some women and men are secretly fighting for their lives in hostile living environments.

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Study Habits to Raise Your Chapter’s GPA: Part 2

Welcome back to DPTaughtMe Study Hall! If this is your second time with us for Study Habits, that means you want that GPA lookin nice for you and your Greek organization. We’re proud of you!  And if this is your first time seeing this, make sure you check out Part One of this installment. We have some good advice about being “Basic” and establishing your ideal Study Squad.

And we’re not done. We have a few more ideas to help you nail that midterm and/or final for this semester! So let’s hop right into it!

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Study Habits to Raise Your Chapter’s GPA: Part 1

By now, you are set into a school groove. You’ve re-established your core set of friends while meeting some new ones. You’ve attended a few key parties and a handful of student org events. Classes are…well classes, except for the ones you really enjoy – those are bliss. Speaking of classes, you know what time of the semester is coming up, right? You know what I’m talking about. Midterms! (Or Finals if you’re reading this later in the year.)

Yup. Midterms/Finals are right around the corner and that test anxiety is starting to kick in. As a Greek student, not only is it important for you to keep your grade up for your own personal reasons, but now, your GPA affects your chapter’s GPA too (no pressure).

So, to keep that GPA up and the momentum high, DPTaughtMe would like to give you some interesting, creative and practical studying tips to bring in those money-making grades. Once those grades hit your inbox, you’ll be cheesing harder than Meek Mills basking in Nicki Minaj’s presence.

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