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4 Dynamic 2016 DNC Speeches Made By D9 Greeks

The 2016 presidential race to the White House is heating up day by day and the conventions are definitely sparking some fire debates and discussions on our timelines. The Republican National Convention wrapped up last week, and this week it’s the Democrats time to shine. Just in case you missed it, here are four dynamic speeches given at the 2016 Democratic National Convention from a few dynamic members of the Divine Nine!

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DPTaughtMe, Watch The Yard, Beyond This Place, Real Zetas, Progressive Greek, Black Greeks Speak and the Harbor Institute come together to pose joint call to action press statement regarding the #BlackLivesMatter movement and NPHC & Greek Life Leadership and Involvement

#BLACKLIVESMATTER PSA: Black Greek Influencers Call For Divine Nine Members To Take Action

In the past few weeks, America has once again experienced the atrocious aftermath of what happens when tainted race relations, corrupt policing and community discourse goes unsolved. The  murder of Alton SterlingPhilando Castile and 5 Dallas police officers has reignited our nation’s unresolved racial injustice issues and the backlash has been incredibly disheartening and disturbing. In an attempt to take action and bring our communities together, your favorite Black Greek Influencers have come together to put out a joint statement concerning crooked policing practices, the Black Lives Matter movement, and the role Divine Nine members can play in bridging the gap.

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DPTaughtMe Highlights Best Tweets from Watch The Yard about Greek Fraternity and Sorority Life, Leadership, Mentorship and Influence #NoBillNoBreak Senate Sit In For Gun Control Laws

11 Tweets Only “Woke” Greeks Will Understand

In case you missed it, Watch the Yard WENT IN this past weekend on Twitter.  In a sea of  intriguing trends, this one is the mother of all online  Greek conversations. For a good hour, WTY had its Twitter trigga fingers ready with comments concerning Greek organizations, their purpose and the roles they play in today’s campus and community efforts.  Truth spewed out of each tweet so fast, you could have hosted a Twitter sermon and every retweet would have been a “PREACH”.

DPTaughtMe Highlights Best Tweets from Watch The Yard about Greek Fraternity and Sorority Life, Leadership, Mentorship and Influence

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DPTaughtMe Atlanta Greek Picnic Event Coverage

5 Overlooked AGP Events Greeks Need To Hit Up

For the last 12 years, thousands of Greeks have migrated from around the country to attend the Mecca of Greek Life picnics, THE Atlanta Greek Picnic. Whether folks are traveling by car, plane, boat or train, people are coming to create their own crazy stories from the picnic and steps show. And not to say that those two events aren’t live af, because they are. But there are plenty of other events poppin leading up to the weekend that deserve some major shine too. So here we go! Here are 5 overlooked AGP events Greeks need to hit up the week of June 6-12!

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13 Ambitious NPHC “Foolies” You Need to Follow

Right around the time of the  2015 Emmys, I ran across an amazing tshirt that embodied the true essence of #BlackExcellence and #BlackGirlMagic all in one. Coming off of a melanin high where men and women of color were being acknowledged for their amazing artistic contributions in television, the shirt couldn’t have come at a better time.  Fast forward a few months later, I had no idea the Founder of the fantastic  Foolies clothing line would be contacting me to be featured for his 28 Days of Dreamers Campaign.

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black panther founders

5 Ways NPHC Members Form Historical Movements

At an early age, my parents instilled in me the importance of being self-aware,  appreciating my history, and acknowledging how it plays a role in the direction of my future. They were convinced that knowing where I came from would give me the proper propensity I needed to succeed and to succeed greatly. In order for me to grasp this concept, they immersed me in a culture of learning every chance they could. Seriously, while everyone was watching One Saturday Morning, Sweet Valley High and Nickelodeon, my mama made me watch the news or listen to books on tape like I was in the 1930s waiting for the Fireside Chats.

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