Greek Life Blog DPTaughtMe Presents Founders & Pearls Sorority Subscription Box

7 Best Founders & Pearls Sorority Sisterhood Songs

So if you’ve been living under a rock, ya need to know that a new Sorority Box that caters to the Divine Nine  is coming to a mailbox near you. Founders & Pearls is an up and coming Sorority Sisterhood box dedicated to celebrating beautiful, ambitious, self caring and sisterly women who empower each other to be the best version of themselves.

As we patiently wait until the launch, the F&P team has been fueling our Monday Mornings with motivational message and some amazing Sisterhood songs that get our days started right! One of our favorite parts about these morning messages: exporting some of our favorite inspiring lyrics from a few of our most amazing female songstresses.  Here are a few of our favorite songs!

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6 Dynamic Greeks I Met at Blogging While Brown

Earlier this year, I was blessed to find out that I would be speaking at THE Blogging While Brown Conference in Washington D.C . This two day event was a safe haven of high level blogging information, camaraderie and bonding among the best and brightest brown bloggers in the nation. I had a strong inkling I would find my Greek Life family there. I mean, really, when you think of a group of leaders, NPHC members are not far behind. And my inkling was dead on. Here are a few of the amazing Divine Nine bloggers and leaders I ran into at the conference:

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DPTaughtMe, Watch The Yard, Beyond This Place, Real Zetas, Progressive Greek, Black Greeks Speak and the Harbor Institute come together to pose joint call to action press statement regarding the #BlackLivesMatter movement and NPHC & Greek Life Leadership and Involvement

#BLACKLIVESMATTER PSA: Black Greek Influencers Call For Divine Nine Members To Take Action

In the past few weeks, America has once again experienced the atrocious aftermath of what happens when tainted race relations, corrupt policing and community discourse goes unsolved. The  murder of Alton SterlingPhilando Castile and 5 Dallas police officers has reignited our nation’s unresolved racial injustice issues and the backlash has been incredibly disheartening and disturbing. In an attempt to take action and bring our communities together, your favorite Black Greek Influencers have come together to put out a joint statement concerning crooked policing practices, the Black Lives Matter movement, and the role Divine Nine members can play in bridging the gap.

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Greek Life Blog DPTaughtMe Presents Founders & Pearls Sorority Subscription Box

Yall, We FINALLY Got a D9 Sorority Subscription Box!

LADIES! Soooooooooooo if you’re anything like me,  you might have felt frustrated when you go to sorority conferences, Greek picnics, and online greek life boutiques to look for dope paraphernalia only to find pieces that are boring, uninspiring or plain ol….well….ugly. OR you have BOOKOOS of random Greek stuff you can’t use much less match with anything in your house. And the things you DO love, you only use them once or twice a year – IF you go to a Sorority or Fraternity function. I know I’m not the only one, chil’.

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DPTaughtMe Atlanta Greek Picnic Event Coverage

5 Overlooked AGP Events Greeks Need To Hit Up

For the last 12 years, thousands of Greeks have migrated from around the country to attend the Mecca of Greek Life picnics, THE Atlanta Greek Picnic. Whether folks are traveling by car, plane, boat or train, people are coming to create their own crazy stories from the picnic and steps show. And not to say that those two events aren’t live af, because they are. But there are plenty of other events poppin leading up to the weekend that deserve some major shine too. So here we go! Here are 5 overlooked AGP events Greeks need to hit up the week of June 6-12!

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DPTaughtMe Dream Without Limits Podcast Greek Life Sorority and Fraternity Leadership

DPTaughtMe Chops It Up on Dream Without Limits Radio

Sooooo because I love NPHC Greeks with great minds, contagious laughs and random conversation, it is no surprise that Mr. Alex Hanse,  Alpha man and Founder of Foolies Clothing, and I connected to do an episode for his Dream Without Limits podcast!

We talked about er’thang from purpose, making your dreams real, how to get through life’s low points, the importance of Blavity,  my childhood, relationships, forgiveness, melaniiiiiiiiiiin and so much more. Also, excuse my cough….allergy season is in full swing and it’s making a fool out of me.

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DPTaughtMe Greek Life Leadership and Mentorship Blog Anniversary

It’s DPTaughtMe’s 1st Year Blogaversary Baby!

This month, we are celebrating our one year blogaversary! What a difference a year makes. You never know what could happen in the time span of 365 days. This time last year, I officially started DPTaughtMe. And by officially,  I mean dedicated to writing on a regular basis.

At that time ,I was in the middle of difficult seasonal shift. I was in the middle of a tedious and at times discouraging job transition. Family life got a little crazy. I think I was in the middle of some romantic mess (I’m not quite sure what my romantic life has really come to …it all becomes a blur at times). And amidst all of that, my purpose was lost in the making. And then…

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