About the DP

DPTaughtMe Informational

DPTaughtMe is the first platform of its kind that addresses Greek Life leadership, mentorship, personal and professional development through a candid and introspective perspective. DPTaughtMe was created as a means to cultivate and digitally mentor young, forward-thinking, creative, and action-oriented NPHC Greek leaders during their collegiate and post-graduation years.

Sororal and fraternal life is more than strolls across campus yards, signature calls, wavering hand signs, synchronized steps, ancient rivalries and bravado entitlement. As most Greeks, we all try to navigate the crazy world of Greek Life while trying to maintain our emotional, mental, spiritual, social and educational stability. Since joining my sorority, there were many things that I learned along the way via my Prophytes, other Greeks, and most importantly, my own trial and errors. When discussing topics concerning Greekdom with others, we always seemed to end the conversation on what we learned, what we wish we could have learned, and solutions we discovered in the process. After meditating on so many great takeaways, I thought I’d be a good idea to share these life lessons with other up and coming Greeks who may need it.

We are stigma debunkers, narrative creators, scholars, innovators, barrier breakers, and the movers and shakers of generations past, present and future. It is important to spread this message to as many young minds as possible. We, young Greek members, are a vast and varied group. We’re accomplishing great and wonderful feats that are rarely recognized, until now.