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3 Symptoms of Greeks With Excuses

Soooooooooooooo long time, no hear huh?

I haven’t blogged anything in quite a few months and I’ve missed out on a plethora of headlines that could have been Greek Life viral bangers. There are few blogs I actually have back logged – still relevant, but definitely dated. For example…

We were mentioned in the Huffington Post for our new subscription box line Founders & Pearls (AYYYYE!) Or the fact that the podcast version of my Blogging While Brown seminar has been posted on the interwebs for the world to hear. Another AYYYEEE! But enough about me. How about…

Colin Kaepernick being one of the most legit Kappas we’ve seen on the front line of social justice in terms of celebrity engagement. Or even non-Greek related topics like…this fu**ery that was this 2016 election. Or what about 2016 killing more people off than Twitter could keep up with (Tommy! Really?!)

Needless to say, there have been a handful of shifts that’s changed the scope of things. Now back to me (I kind of imagined the Old Spice guy when I typed that.) I -have been – MIA. More than MIA. I’ve been a professional ghost. Not the scary kind. The kind where you’ve been having a really good time with a soon to be significant other- everything is perfect – you’re thinking about marriage, kids and a dog named Rocko – and all of a sudden he/she goes ghost. Yeah. That’s been me.

And what the hell happened to me you ask? Hell, I don’t even know. I tried to think of excuses to relay to you and I honestly didn’t feel like listing them out because 1) Greeks immediately start reciting “WHAT ARE EXCUSES?! …

Excuses are tools of the incompetent which create monuments of nothingness. Those who specialize in them are seldom good in anything…

That is mad annoying by the way. 2)  I’d rather focus on the lessons my excuses taught me.

So here they are. But before we hop in, let me just say that, I- Alexzandria C.Hill am Greek and I made (and make) excuses. I am not proud of it -but hey. I’m recovering. Now, as for those lessons – here’s what I realized. Excuses are only formed when I am feeling:

1) Overwhelmed: Excuses are easy to come by when you feel like shit is hitting the fan every other second. Instead of stalling a project, I could have been more creative in finding windows of opportunity to make things happen. When I think about my day in comparison to an Olympic trainer, a serial entrepreneur, a doctor fighting to save the life of a patient- I realized I need to shift my thinking. I have to take on their mentality with a sense of urgency.  EVERY- MINUTE-COUNTS. It’s all about creative prioritizing. What can I do in THIS day that will help me reach my optimal goal tomorrow? How long will this take me? 15 minutes? 30 minutes? An hour? What can you sacrifice to make room for that time? Stop talking to a trife that only hits you up during cuffing season? Do semi-mindless work while watching your favorite online web-series? In your quiet time, in between family obligations – jot down an idea or action item in your mini-tablet? There are always ways to be productive – you just have to find it. And then commit to the call in components.  Don’t feel like you have to do it all at once. Whether you’re taking baby steps, strides or sprints – they are still steps forward.

2) Insecure: Almost like the show….well pretty much like the show. (And if you don’t know what show I’m talking about, you don’t know me at all. We can’t be friends. ) Anyways, excuses came when I felt insecure or incompetent about completing something. It’s easy for me to talk myself out of a task. It’s even easier for me to cut ties with people/things when I’m in a reclusive and self-deprecating mood. I talk myself into being mediocre in order to avoid the responsibility of being great. But the way my destiny is set up- God won’t let up. Which means, he keeps reminding me that I am fearfully, beautifully and wonderfully made in his image- WITH his capabilities. Therefore, he bugs me- reminding me that I have work to do. When I’m feeling insecure now – I reach for my verses. I repeat affirmations. I take a breather so I don’t feel overwhelmed. I backtrack on the things he’s helped me accomplish. Everything – great and small – I can do it ALL – with Him who strengthens me.

3) Nonchalant: Sometimes…I just don’t give AF. At times, this train of thought is glorious (ie.dealing with f**kboys,racists, ig’nant people in traffic. You get the picture.) But when it comes to projects, movements and visions that include other people – I have no room to be lackadaisical. In the processes of shifting gears (no matter where that direction is), I have let people down in the process, and I apologize.  I  have partners and readers alike who look forward to these blogs -no matter how foolish I am. I didn’t take in consideration you guys in the midst of all my drama, and I’m sorry.   As a leader – you have to exercise your right to self-care. It’s like the airplane announcement. You can’t help others if you can’t help yourself first. But that is just it. Sooner or later, you have to step in – get back on track – and help others. My blog was meant to revitalize, recharge and regroup Greek Life trail-blazers. Give them a resource for leadership and mentorship ideas. A safe place to indulge in candid conversations about experiences that may sometimes be shunned. A platform for young Greek masterminds to congregate and discuss solutions to making our organizations better. And I have not been there to guide that dialog. As I think of my media peers – they too have personal issues to tend to. However- they don’t let those variables overtake them. They don’t let things fall apart. They may slip to the side -but they don’t fall off. They have something to prove. They have something special to give. And they have to move the movement forward. And they make time to do it. And so will I.

Catch me in at the front end of 2017. I’ll make it up to you. Pinky promise. No AKA…because I’m a Zeta. But you get where I’m going.  Thanks for rocking with me fam. Love you guys!


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