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4 Dynamic 2016 DNC Speeches Made By D9 Greeks

The 2016 presidential race to the White House is heating up day by day and the conventions are definitely sparking some fire debates and discussions on our timelines. The Republican National Convention wrapped up last week, and this week it’s the Democrats time to shine. Just in case you missed it, here are four dynamic speeches given at the 2016 Democratic National Convention from a few dynamic members of the Divine Nine!

President bill clinton: Phi beta sigma fraternity inc.

geneva reed-veal, sandra bland’s mom & one of the “mothers of the movement”- sigma gamma rho sorority inc.

congresswoman marcia fudge: delta sigma theta sorority inc.

flotus & beyonce’s beyonce: michelle obama

honorary zeta phi beta soror in my head

She rocked the MESS out of that Royal Blue and  we couldn’t leave her speech out. I mean, seriously. A girl can dream though, right? #DONTJUDGEME

Although the speakers at the 2016 DNC spoke about various topics, the issue of police brutality and the importance of preserving Black Lives was front and center in last night’s rhetoric.  But we want to keep the conversation AND action going.

Your favorite Greek Life bloggers and content creators have come together to put a joint statement addressing corrupt policing and suggested tangible actions/resources communities can utilize to implement change NOW. If you’re about that #BlackGreeks4BlackLives Life…

<<<<CLICK HERE>>>>

What did you think about the 2016 DNC speeches so far? Let us know on Twitter and/or Facebook! We’d love to hear your feedback.





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