Greek Life Blog DPTaughtMe Presents Founders & Pearls Sorority Subscription Box

Yall, We FINALLY Got a D9 Sorority Subscription Box!

LADIES! Soooooooooooo if you’re anything like me,  you might have felt frustrated when you go to sorority conferences, Greek picnics, and online greek life boutiques to look for dope paraphernalia only to find pieces that are boring, uninspiring or plain ol….well….ugly. OR you have BOOKOOS of random Greek stuff you can’t use much less match with anything in your house. And the things you DO love, you only use them once or twice a year – IF you go to a Sorority or Fraternity function. I know I’m not the only one, chil’.

Well, you know at DPTaughtMe, we like to implement our amazing Founders and the lessons they’ve taught us in our every day lives. There’s no reason why you should have to put your sorority on the shelf to collect dust because you have nothing cute or empowering to work with, right? Don’t worry girl…we got you!

DPTaughtMe is hopping on the subscription box bandwagon to bring you Founders & Pearls!

Greek Life Blog DPTaughtMe Presents Founders & Pearls Sorority Subscription Box

Greek Life Blog DPTaughtMe Presents Founders & Pearls Sorority Subscription BoxFounders & Pearls is a quarterly subscription box filled with specially curated fempowerment items that has your sorority’s essence in mind. We’ve taken the time to scout out the BEST vendors to help us create UNIQUE products that reflect the multi-facted fabulousness of you and your sorority.

This is for the Beauty Bombshell, the Boss Babe,  the Inspiration Creator and every soror who believes in encouraging Greek sisters to be their best selves. We’ve got some awesome beauty finds to keep you flawless. We have items to keep you motivated as you make those BAWSE moves. You’ll find pieces that will help you in your self-care routines. Best thing about it – each box will be specifically for you and your sorority! As if your Founders put it together themselves. =)

“girl, i’m sold. where’s the website?” >>>> RIGHT HERE <<<<

We’re working with some of your FAVORITE brands to bring you some exclusive one-of-a-kind pieces, vendors you probably HAVEN’T heard of AND items that are run by Sorors that you probably didn’t eeevveeeen know. Sound like a pretty cool concept right? We knew you’d like it!

If you want more information, go ahead and visit our launch page. We’ll be rolling out more information over the summer, so make sure you sign up for our newsletter. You won’t want to miss the goodies we have for you. PLUS, you gon be real mad when you find out your soror is rockin that “new new” and you had a chance to too! lol. Fair warning ladies!

Let your #GreekSisters know about it! We’re starting a Sorority Fempowerment Movement and we want you to be a part of it!

download this picture and tell your friends about it by using the hashtag #foundersandpearls.

Greek Life Blog DPTaughtMe Presents Founders & Pearls Sorority Subscription Box

don’t forget to visit for more info!




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