DPTaughtMe Atlanta Greek Picnic Event Coverage

5 Overlooked AGP Events Greeks Need To Hit Up

For the last 12 years, thousands of Greeks have migrated from around the country to attend the Mecca of Greek Life picnics, THE Atlanta Greek Picnic. Whether folks are traveling by car, plane, boat or train, people are coming to create their own crazy stories from the picnic and steps show. And not to say that those two events aren’t live af, because they are. But there are plenty of other events poppin leading up to the weekend that deserve some major shine too. So here we go! Here are 5 overlooked AGP events Greeks need to hit up the week of June 6-12!

5) AGP Old School Day Party ( Sunday, June 12)

DPTaughtMe Kid N Play Atlanta Greek Picnic Old School Party

If you “don’t do clubs” but you’re about that day party life, this is the event for you. If you like  listening to your own catalog of old school music rather than the “crap on the radio”, this event is for you. Events like these tend to have a more “mature” bunch. This crowd is typically hella chill and drama free. In other words, foolishness is left at the door and the “Grown and Sexy” vibe is turned all the way up.

Expect a hear WIDE range of classics hits on the ones and twos. Whether you’re wanting to Diddy Bop to some 90s joints,  Humpty to some 80s jams, or hit a slick 2 step to some 60s and 70s tunes, you’re pretty much guaranteed to know majority of the songs. Who doesn’t like nostalgia, endorphins and good vibes everywhere? Seriously, a dope impromtu karaoke session with a crowd of over enthusiastic lyric reciters never fails. Add some legit drinks into the equation. Maaaaaaaaan lookahere!

4) The Greek Network ( Wednesday, June 8)

DPTaughtMe Taraji Networking Atlanta Greek Picnic Event Coverage

One of the things that people fail to take advantage of is the fact that Atlanta is one of most well known and KEY hubs for successful, connected and influential BLACK movers & shakers. And let’s not to forget to mention thousands of people are flying in that week for this event which means you expand the possibility to connect with some solid individuals. Whether you’re a recent college grad looking for a job, a young professional seeking seasoned wisdom, or someone testing the waters for opportunities, this is the place to show your face.

People who are serious about advancing their squad goals by surrounding themselves with like-minded goal-oriented folks will be in the building. Make sure you show up and show out!  You could get your big break here. Land a cool collaboration project. You may find out about an employment position you’ve been wanting. Snag a mentor!  You don’t wanna pass up on that greatness do you?

3) Worship Church Service ( Sunday, June 12)

DPTaughtMe Atlanta Greek Picnic Church Service Event Coverage

It’s one thing to kick it with new acquaintances. It’s cool to even do business with a few of them. But it’s something about attending service together with your new group of homies that elevates everything. Seriously, this is where long term friendships are made. Especially after a week of crazy partying, Greek stroll aerobics and beating the Atlanta heat, you’re going to need a prayer partner to help you get back to your default setting.

Attending church with some of your favorite newbies could be just the chill you needed. It will give you encourage deeper conversation outside of Greek Life. Not to mention, you’ll head back to your destination feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, (probably convicted- but in a good way), and extremely blessed!  Also, it’s worth mentioning that if you’re looking for that GAWD-FEARIN man or woman, this is a good place to start. JUST SAYIN! Whatever your reason, as long as you put God first, I’m sure he’ll approve!

2) AGP Cares – Community Service ( Saturday, June 11)

DPTaugthMe Aziz Ansari Atlanta Greek Picnic Community Service Event Coverage

Although we might be categorized as social fraternal and sororal organizations, we need to remember our primary function is to serve. So why not take some time out to put our hands and feet to some good use collectively before the Turn Up?! Community service events tend to be the most lowest attended initiatives during Greek picnics. This needs to change. Not because you need a guilt trip. But because there is power in numbers. And AGP brings in PLENTY of numbers.

Just imagine the amazing and ground shifting influence you, your line, shoot, your whole chapter could make if everyone came in DROVES. The more people on deck for this event, the more value you add someone’s quality of life. AND if you’re looking for a community oriented boo, this is the place look too. JUUUUUST SAYIN!! But for real, let’s make sure that we pay homage to our Founders by getting out into the community and being who they aspired for us to be: servant leaders.

1)  $10,000 Pitch Competition With Daymond John + Panel Discussion (Monday, June 6)

DPTaughtMe Atlanta Greek Picnic $10,000 Pitch Competition Event Coverage

Bruuhhhhh……outside of the musical guest at the AGP Step Show, this is pretty much the one of the BIGGEST events to attend. One, THE Daymond John is going to be there. THE. If you’re too young to know who this is, lemme learn you something. Daymond pretty much spearheaded the “Urban clothing” trend when he launched the legendary FUBU brand in 1992. His brand made a way for all other hip hop lovers who wanted to express themselves through fashion. Wouldn’t be no Yeezy fashion without Daymond. Period. After building a $5 BILLION brand with FUBU, Mr.John started investing in other forward-thinking, innovative and profitable start up businesses to diversify his portfolio and share his branding expertise. You can find Daymond breaking bread and making major coins on ABC’s Shark Tank . He’s also currently on tour for his new book The Power of Broke , which is an EXCELLENT read.

THE POINT IS! We’re always talking about how we wish people would invest in Black businesses. As Millennials, we also get frustrated when people don’t take us seriously in regards to our passion, our professionalism and our purpose. Well, Plug ATL and AGP are offering amazing entrepreneurs the chance to prove haters wrong with a $10,000 reward. June is Black Business Month and this is an excellent way to be inspired by go-getters and gain  insight on what it takes to not only start your own business, but how to leave your mark in the world.

There is a networking event, the pitch competition, a power house of panelists  and a chance to see Daymond spit invaluable game on how to create and maintain a strong personal brand.

This is your chance to talk to people who have the power and the know how to make things happen. Mingle with the sponsor representatives. Find out what initiatives and philanthropies they normally champion. Ask if they have branches or chapters in your region. This will give you the upper hand when you follow up with them later if (or more like when) you’re searching through your directory for event sponsors. Mk? Take time to chat with some of the contestants. In a considerate manner, ask if you can pick their brains on what they did to get where they are today. What were their challenges? What are some words advice they can offer you? Remember. Our organizations are LITERALLY non-profit organizations. This means you’re a business running on a shoe string budget. Finding out how these business savvy bosses made moves will help you evaluate how effectively and efficiently you too can run your chapter.

WITH THAT BEING SAID, make sure you check out all of the other events during AGP Week. 

Make sure you get your tickets a head of time. ESPECIALLY when it comes to the step show. That mug is packed every-single-year. This year’s feature music artist is Mr. Panda himself, Desiigner.  Still don’t fully understand what’s going on in that song, but this mug is hittin. So if you’re trying to get turnt with the livest Greeks in the USA, cop your ticket asap! Plus, the  concert and step show look so much better when you’re closer to the stage. Function on CPT if you want, get you left out. You know who else is getting left out? People acting like idiots that week. They’re not trying to have a repeat of the AGP 2014 stupidity. We’re all adults right?

DPTaughtMe Atlanta Greek Picnic Event Coverage

ALSO, make sure you tune in next week too. We’re going to be giving you 5 Guaranteed Networking Tips Greek Grads Can Bank On. We’re trying to help you function like a BAWSE during AGP, because….that’s how we roll. If you’re not about to graduate, no biggie. You can still can put this advice to work.

Let us know what events you’re looking forward to attending at the Atlanta Greek Picnic and who you’re rolling out with on Twitter, IG and Facebook.




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