DPTaughtMe Dream Without Limits Podcast Greek Life Sorority and Fraternity Leadership

DPTaughtMe Chops It Up on Dream Without Limits Radio

Sooooo because I love NPHC Greeks with great minds, contagious laughs and random conversation, it is no surprise that Mr. Alex Hanse,  Alpha man and Founder of Foolies Clothing, and I connected to do an episode for his Dream Without Limits podcast!

We talked about er’thang from purpose, making your dreams real, how to get through life’s low points, the importance of Blavity,  my childhood, relationships, forgiveness, melaniiiiiiiiiiin and so much more. Also, excuse my cough….allergy season is in full swing and it’s making a fool out of me.

I hope you enjoy! And make sure you SUBSCRIBE to his podcast. Share it with your friends, family,  LSs, LBs, Sands, Prophytes, Neos……all them. You won’t regret it. Thank you again name twin for having me! Make sure you follow Alex on Twitter and Facebook.


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