DPTaughtMe Greek Life Leadership and Mentorship Blog Anniversary

It’s DPTaughtMe’s 1st Year Blogaversary Baby!

This month, we are celebrating our one year blogaversary! What a difference a year makes. You never know what could happen in the time span of 365 days. This time last year, I officially started DPTaughtMe. And by officially,  I mean dedicated to writing on a regular basis.

At that time ,I was in the middle of difficult seasonal shift. I was in the middle of a tedious and at times discouraging job transition. Family life got a little crazy. I think I was in the middle of some romantic mess (I’m not quite sure what my romantic life has really come to …it all becomes a blur at times). And amidst all of that, my purpose was lost in the making. And then…

DPTaughtMe Greek Life Purpose: Professional and Personal Development & Leadership

I started writing. As a release. As a means to make things better. As a way to make things clear. As a way to relate with other people who were going or had gone through the same things that I had been through. I said I would dedicate myself to one blog a week. Whatever came to mind. Whatever was relevant. Whatever stirred my spirit, I’d tell it. And bruh…I’d never thought my story, insight or opinions would touch and resonate  with so many people.

You’ve become my “Trust the Process” tribe. You’ve helped me see that our letters are not THE definitive attribute that makes us great, but it plays a part.  You reaffirmed my passion for pushing the need for Greek Life Mentors (especially with the 9 Truths Neos Need to Hear But Rarely Do post.)

Thank you for rocking with me for a solid year. Your support, love, feedback, stories, constructive criticism, moments of joy and brokenness, honesty and openness, everything and everyone is appreciated.  As I celebrate my 1 Year Blogaversary with you, I wanted to share some recaps and highlights from the past year! So let’s take a quick trip, shall we?!

DPTaughtMe Blogaversary Reclamation Recap of the Year Anniversary Post



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