DPTaughtMe Greek Life Career Workshop: Leadership Pic 2

DPTaughtMe Takes the Blog to Campus with Career Workshops

As you guys know, I started DP Taught Me as a way to talk about Greek Fraternal and Sororal leadership in a way that is productive, innovative and relatable. Yall also know if I’m talkin about it, I’m being about it. I made it a point to include workshops as a part of blogging platform to help undergraduate Greek organizations develop into the amazing student leaders I know they could be.  So, I wanted to give you guys a sneak peak of what that looks like!


I had the privilege of stopping by the University of Houston to talk to the ladies of Sigma Lambda Gamma (what up Cuzzos) for a dynamic career workshop!

We talked about the importance of using  your role within your organizations  as a way to beef up your “work experience” on your professional resume’. We also explored networking within your circle, more specifically, within your Greek network. So many times we see our peers are merely fellow students and we neglect to realize they too are valuable networks. With a few interactive worksheets and some dynamic group discussion, students were able to  identify the value in the roles, clearly articulate them for their resume experience and and exercise networking tips that will carry them long past college life .


The biggest takeaway from this particular workshop was that everyone in the room learned something new about each other. Some were able to better understanding  each others work load and what it entailed to support other chapter members. They were able to pinpoint why each role was valuable and how they could make each others lives easier. Students also realized despite knowing each other for an ample amount of time, there were STILL key things they didn’t know about each other. From personal interest to goals that intertwined and aligned with their own- this new knowledge gained from the networking exercises helped them envision themselves as more of a personal AND professional resource to each other. And that started right in their sorority!

DPTaughtMe Greek Life Career Workshop: Leadership Pic 1The Greek Life Career Workshop was so much fun they asked me to come back, which was pretty dope. We’re getting that squared away, and I’m pretty excited. And if you want to experience this workshop for yourself or your chapter, hit me up! I’d love to come to your campus and share some great tips with you! As the old adage says : Each one, teach one!

For more information on my workshops, click here!

And if you any questions about post-collegiate life and preparation, feel holla at me on TwitterFacebook or IG! I’d love to hear from you. Thanks for checking in fam!




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