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Prophyte Profiles: Koerey talks Lessons from AKA (Part 2)

Hey Hey Fam! Welcome back to DPTaughtMe’s first installment of Prophyte Profiles where we spotlight bright, driven and community driven NPHC members in different industries. To kick off our fresh segment, we interviewed Ms. Koereyelle Dubose, career/branding consultant and author of the new book, Werk 101. Last week we discussed the passion and purpose behind brand, her biggest lessons learned in business and what keeps her motivated. Today, we’re going to explore what attracted her to Alpha Kappa Alpha, how AKA has helped develop her as a woman, and what she wants future Ivies to know about sorority life.


So let’s hop into it!

What made you feel like AKA was for you?

I have an Aunt who was AKA. Only greek in my family and that was LITERALLY all I knew growing up. My mom was not greek ,so she kinda tapped into that AKA from her sister. So literally me and my sister had pink and green rooms. Pink and green carpet. I’m serious. Green carpet, pink wall. My sister had pink carpet, green wall! It was just in me and I tried to fight it for a long time. I hated pink, I HATED it. Now it’s my favorite color because I embraced it. I was trying to fight off what they were trying to “make me”, but I grew into it. So I would say, family! Having an example.

What are 1or 2 life changing lessons sorority life taught you about development? It could be personal, professional, spiritual, mental, emotional development…

We learned a lot of business etiquette. You know, Roberts Rules of Order, business suits that I used to hate that now I have to wear. It groomed me. I definitely groomed me into being a lady. In terms of development, networking relationships. People are your prize possession. People are your strength. Sorority life definitely taught me the importance of sisterhood but relationships period.

What’s one or two bits of advice you can offer to young women who are new to the sisterhood regarding things you’re privy to now that you wish you knew before you joined?

Don’t be petty. And they’re going to be petty, that’s just what you do in college. But, I would say find the value in it. I found the value later looking back on it. Then I was like, OH this is what they were trying to do. But if they can find the value in it now, then they can take advantage of it more.

What is one thing you wish you had known before you crossed?

One thing I wish I would have known…..(sigh). I feel like I knew about the segregation and what it does, but I didn’t realize to what extent. There are people who are going to be here tonight (at the event) that I could not stand in college only because they were in a different sorority and that’s it. That’s the only area where I feel like I really missed out on a lot of relationships and great people. Just because of that one petty difference between us. I could not see past that red and white. I didn’t care who you were under that shirt. And I took on that petty. I knew that. I can own that now. I’ve outgrown it now. I can own it.

How can one utilize the sisterhood on a professional level to elevate their professional life?

You have an advantage period. You and I aren’t from the same sorority, but we understand one another a little bit better than somebody else because we had similar experiences. You only really care about what sorority someone is in while you’re in college. After that, it’s like GIRL! We can still connect on that level.

We hope you liked our first Prophyte Profiles! If you dig it, tweet, ig and tell us what you thought by using the hashtag #prophyteprofiles! And don’t forget to cop her new book Werk 101 and follow her on IG!


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