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Prophyte Profile: Kickin It With Koerey the Boss (PART 1)

We here at DPTaughtMe love spotlighting Greeks who exemplify your mission and our hustle! This year, we’re rolling out a few new projects that allow us get more intimate with young, goal driven Greek Movers and Shakers . As we spring into a new season, we’d like to introduce you to our next project: Prophyte Profiles.  In this new segment, we sit down with amazing NPHC members who are changing the game and their communities one boss move at a time. So, it was with perfect timing that we ran across Ms. Koereyelle DuBose at her Werk 101 Book Tour!

If Koeryyou don’t know Koerey, I suggest you get to know her really quick. Child, she is as BAWSE as her Instagram page! Koerey is an author, educator, amazing entrepreneur and the mastermind behind The Single Wives Club, an education and empowerment group that helps women develop into the best versions of themselves. Since 2011, Koeryelle has been elevating her brand to new levels with her fempowerment projects such as her branding company Ready to Werk, the Werk 101 podcast, Werk 101 app,  and most recently, her Werk 101 Book.

Koereyelle Werk 101 Book Tour

Koereyelle Werk 101 Book Tour

Werk 101 is pretty much a one stop book shop to help you get your whole life togetha. Unlike mundane, one dimensional “self help” books, Werk 101 unconventionally touches on several pertinent topics such as relationships, health, the coints, spirituality, and much more. Not only that, seeing as how I am a do-the-the damn thing kinda person, I appreciate the worksheets available throughout the chapters that allows readers to reflect and plan out reflections and ideas. And the best part is, it’s purse size. So I can literally take this gem everywhere I go!

The more information I found out about Ms. Dubose, the more I wanted to find out if she was Greek, because….you know our greatness is pretty much spread everywhere. And sure enough, she is! As a matter of fact, she’s member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. This lovely Ivy  has been featured in Essence Magazine, The Huffington Post, Jet Magazine, The Source, Madame Noire and now DP Taught Me. We sat down with Koereylle for a two part interview focusing on the purpose behind her passion and how AKA played a part in it.

Without further adieu, let’s start the interview!

I saw that you were teaching for about four years and then you transitioned into entrepreneurship soon after, so what caused the transition?

So, I had a contract to go teach in Abu Dhabi to teach overseas after my engagement. (You’ve heard my crazy engagement story, right?). I was engaged in a crazy relationship and when it ended, I was really trying to run away from that situation. I was literally going to leaving the country. I got a job to teach in Abu Dhabi and then two weeks before I was supposed to go, I realized I was going for the wrong reasons.

I ended up not going and gave up that contract and but I had already given up my contract in Atlanta too, so I was kinda in between. In a way, I was really forced into entrepreneurship. Well, not really, because I could have went back to teaching. But I was like ” Alright God!”. I realized it was time for me to figure out what I really wanted to do because I knew that teaching was not my end all, be all.

What was your moment when you needed to  “Get Your Life Together”?

Girl! The engagement! When it ended, I realized I attracted this engagement. 100%, Hands down! I attracted this crazy person in my life because I wasn’t looking for the right things. The things I was looking for, he was all of that. So I went through this whole thing of,  “Oh my God, you gave me exactly what I wanted” to “I gotta get out of this. It HAS to end!” So when I got out of that relationship, I wasn’t necessarily heartbroken or devastated. I knew I needed to get out of it. I realized I spent all this time preparing to be a wife to this man, but I hadn’t really become the woman I needed to be. That was literally the fork in the road.

I was so empowered after I walked away from that engagement. So many other women don’t do what I did. Some women do not even make it out of an abusive relationship. So for me, to walk away in one piece and with a good attitude, I’m like…I can do whatever it is I decide to do. Then, I just needed to figure out what I wanted to do. That was that time in my life I realized I wasn’t ready for marriage. I still wanted to be a wife one day, but I needed to get myself together. I needed to not just prepare to be a wife, but prepare to be a woman. So, that was the turning point.

What is the hardest lesson you’ve learned so far as an entrepreneur as you try to establish yourself in this space?

The hardest lesson that I learned is that, I can’t be perfect.  I cannot be anyone else other than who I am, because if I do, I’ll fail every single time. I cannot try to live up to other people’s expectations. Not even my mama, my man, nobody. I have to decide what the expectations are for myself and those are the ones I will ever live up to. People like you for who you are, not when you’re trying to be somebody else.

You’ve been doing this for about 4 years now. Usually around the first 9-12 months, people get burned out with, “I can’t do this anymore. I need to go back to regular job.” “What do you think contributes to your longevity?

I think what has kept me going is that I am the Single Wife TM. I am HER. I’m constantly developing myself. I’m constantly trying to figure out not what I can do to get a man. But what I need to do to prepare myself to be a wife. Having to go through these things currently keeps me passionate about what I’m doing. I’m going through the same struggles all of my members are going through. We’re having the same experiences and I think that is what keeps me going. This is my passion project. It’s not a get-rich-quick type of kind of thing. It’s literally my mission, my purpose to educate, inspire and empower single women.

How would you advise people to turn their passion project into profit?

You have to tap into the business mind and don’t rely on the creative mind.  A lot of artists are starving artists. Even when I started out,  I didn’t make money for a long time in this business. I was just trying to help, educate and empower. My goal was not the coins. Today, it’s the coins.

The empowerment stuff comes natural, it’s a given. I’m already doing that. But you have to turn it into a business. You can’t just continue to operate as a hobby and expect people to take you seriously.  I am a creative. That is my strength, my gift. However, I had to learn how to monetize that creativity. So now, I’m at the point where I can use my creative power through my branding. I can brand any type of business. Not just the Single Wives Club TM,  Ready To Werk TM, or Werk 101. It’s whatever I’m interested in at the time.

Tap into the business side and don’t rely solely on the creative side. OR, find somebody that compliments you, that can help you with that business. Everybody doesn’t have all of it. If you don’t, don’t try to pretend like you do, because you’re going to stay broke. Find someone who compliments what you’re lacking.

Stay tuned next week when we chat with Koereyelle about sorority life and how it helped her become the woman she is today! To hold you over, check this video out.

Don’t forget to cop her new book Werk 101 and follow her on IG!






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