13 Ambitious NPHC “Foolies” You Need to Follow

Right around the time of the  2015 Emmys, I ran across an amazing tshirt that embodied the true essence of #BlackExcellence and #BlackGirlMagic all in one. Coming off of a melanin high where men and women of color were being acknowledged for their amazing artistic contributions in television, the shirt couldn’t have come at a better time.  Fast forward a few months later, I had no idea the Founder of the fantastic  Foolies clothing line would be contacting me to be featured for his 28 Days of Dreamers Campaign.

Foolies Be Like ShirtAfter a few friendly corresponding Facebook messages, I was pleasantly surprised to find out the man with the plan was not only my name twin, but an Alpha Man who goes by Alex “Nemo” Hanse.

The upbeat and insightful vibe Alex exudes is directly reflected in his “Be Inspired” tee.  So much, in fact, that his shirts were spotted at Essence Magazine’s 2016 Black Women In Hollywood luncheon. I mean when Oprah, Shonda Rhimes, Tracee Ellis and Evan Ross and Zendaya give you the nod of approval, your year has pretty much been made.

As I perused through his profile and the Foolies IG page, I became inspired to see who the other  “Dreamers” were . With a little due diligence, I realized 11 of the “Featured Foolies” happened to be members of the Divine Nine!  I was so impressed, motivated and compelled by the projects, businesses and initiatives these young men and women were doing, I couldn’t keep it to myself. The super Greek in me was like ” Yaasssssss, that’s what I’m talking about!” I have a theory that behind many our our dynamic movements is an equally ambitious NPHC member forging the way. So far, I have yet to be proven wrong.

I am honored to be included among such influential individuals. Cheers to amping up the “Squad Requirements”, being crazy enough to pursue your dreams, demonstrating exemplary  servant leadership and making our Founders proud along the way. Ladies and gents, here are the Divine Nine “Foolies” Dreamers! Click the photos to see what organization they’re from.

To hear the stories behind their hustle, CLICK HERE! ALSO, Today is the LAST day to cop the “Be Inspired” shirt, so if you wanna get one, hop to it! Until next time fam!


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