DPTaughtMe Blogging While Brown

DPTaughtMe is Heading to Washington D.C. !

Guess what Fam!? DPTaughtMe is heading to DC! That’s right! Ya girl will be speaking at the 9th Annual Blogging While Brown Conference this year, Sunday morning, July 17th in Washington D.C.  This conference is a pretty big deal seeing as how huge media and blogging influencers such as Karen Civil, Necole Bitchie of XO Necole, Evita Robinson of the popular Nomadness Tribe (S/o to the Nomad fam) and much more have rocked the mic here.

DPTaughtMe will be at the Blogging While Brown ConferenceI’ll be hosting a workshop called Think Small, Create Big in 30 Minutes. Here, I will teach you how to strategically create a simple yet intriguing topics for your back up blog directory. I would love to see you there! Check out the schedule for the entire weekend here!

If you’re in the Divine Nine Fam and you’re in the DMV area hit me up on our Twitter and/or Facebook. I’ve been to DC a few times, but never long enough to really enjoy the city, so I’m going to need to know where all the hot spots are! This also means I need to be Summertime fine by the time I get there. I need to be sundress slaying in Chocolate City, I’m just saying. (Note to self) .

To get a preview of the greatness that goes at this amazing event, check out these past videos of sessions and speakers from previous years!  Until then DMV fam, I’ll see you in July! =)


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