DPCheckIns Recap: 4 Competency Tools for Greek Life Chapters

As NPHC members, we all know what excuses are. It’s embedded in our brains from now into eternity. With that being said, that means there are no excuses when it comes to our lack of leadership development. Here are 4 simple mentorship tools your chapter can use to make you a more efficient, compatible and impactful organization.

The KEY Takeaways to establishing a great chapter culture comes through member mentorship.

In mentoring we must remember to execute these 4 Competency tools:

  1. Capacity: Finding out who needs mentoring, what information they need, who can mentor them, in what capacity can they offer their services, and how often
  2. Compatibility: The best relationships are cultivated through genuine compatibility. Find a mentee/mentor who complement each other in values, characteristic, majors etc. But most importantly, see where they can learn/teach each other – filling voids is what makes the relationship more valuable
  3. Consistency: Keep the communication, meet up times, meeting duration, form of communications and line of communication realistic and consistent.
  4. Conversation: Remember this is a conversation, not an interview. The more welcoming, non-judgmental and candid you are with each other, the more you’re mentee will be able to open up about where he/she needs help and become more receptive to your advice.



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