DPCheckIns Recap: 3 Mentor Tips I Learned From #BLMHTX Greek Panelist

This past weekend I attended a symposium held at Texas Southern University concerning the #BlackLivesMatters Movement and Intersectionality. If you’re not sure what intersectionality is (which I didn’t know what it was either), it was defined to me like this:

Intersectionality encompasses the multifaceted identities we carry as a black community. We discussed how the diversity within our own community should be used as a way to catapult the change we’re trying to make rather than using it as a divisive tool to tear each other down.

The best part of this discussion is it came with solutions. SOLUTIONS PEOPLE! Yall know that’s the life I’m about. And some of the best takeaways came from our NPHC Brethren.  3/5 of the panelists present were Divine Nine and had the conversation lit. At the table, you could find:

Roni Dean-Burren: UH PHD Candidate and Educator (Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc)

Dr. Anthony Pinn: Religion Professor at Rice University (Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc)

Dr. Carla Brailey: Sociology Professor at Texas Southern University ( Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc.)

I took copious notes (most of them were illegible, but I have decent memory). Here are some of the pearls of wisdom I gained from the symposium.


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