DPCheckIns Recap: 4 Competency Tools for Greek Life Chapters

As NPHC members, we all know what excuses are. It’s embedded in our brains from now into eternity. With that being said, that means there are no excuses when it comes to our lack of leadership development. Here are 4 simple mentorship tools your chapter can use to make you a more efficient, compatible and impactful organization.

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The Only Way To Tell If Greeks Are About That Life

What’s up Fam Bam! If you’re new to DPTaughtMe, welcome! This month we’ve been exploring  some pretty candid conversations around effective leadership in Greekdom and where/how we can improve in those areas. So far we’ve covered how Prophytes can be better mentors, how we can resurrect deference, and all the necessary things Neos need to hear, but rarely do. Since there’s been quite a bit of advice given out, I figured for this installment, I’d chill a bit (no pun intended) and do something a little more fun and practical.

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9 Truths Neos Need to Hear But Rarely Do

AYE FAM! This month, we’re focusing on mentorship since it’s officially National Mentor Month. We’ve talked about 3 ways prophytes can be better mentors, where the lack of deference derives from and now we’re talking to the Neos. Yes, our amazingly hype, over zealous,  extra eager babies! Because we love our newbies, we didn’t want them to hop on this Greek Life wave without giving them the proper tools to ride it. Here are 9 truths our Neos need to know, but we rarely get to tell them:

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2 Things That Caused the Death of Deference (And What We Can Do About It!)

I don’t know about yall, but when I think about the word “deference”, I immediately think of one thing: how many times I hear prophytes complaining about the lack of integrity and respect younger, unruly and hardheaded lines have for themselves and seasoned Greek members.  This came to me last week when I was penning 3 Ways Prophytes Can Be Better Mentors. Then, follow up questions slowly began to percolate: what caused the disintegration of deference? Why do you think this took place? And most importantly, what can we do to reverse the epidemic?

As I marinated on this notion, two things came to mind:

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Greek Mentorship.

3 Ways Prophytes Can Be Better Peer Mentors

Hey Hey Fam!

It is officially the first blog of the New Year and we’re starting off with a BANG! We’ve already covered No BS Ways to Goal Setting for your members, organizational chapters and council. (Don’t forget to download the free #GreekGoals Worksheets btw). We know that you’re in planning mode for the upcoming semester and we want to make sure your year is as amazing as possible. One of the best ways to serve as a catalyst for change on your campus is to become a mentor. January is National Mentoring Month and yall know we are all about personal and professional development! So this month, we’ll be focusing on the power of Greek mentorship, tips on how to use your letters to become influential forces in your peer’s lives, and challenging the perception of generational mentorship within Greekdom.

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