The end of the year is usually reserved for deep reflection, preparation and either an abundance of regret and or gratefulness. With 2015 being the whirlwind that’s it’s been, child, some of us are still wondering how we’re still standing. Go ahead and insert a church dip and a “BUT GOD…” shout here.

I, too, have been in this particular state of mind. Thinking about how this blog developed such a dynamic community in a short amount of time has been absolutely incredible. In just a few months, DPTaughtMe has covered a myriad of topics that have hit home with many readers (and myself) in more ways than one. Whether we’re talking about social justice issues, personal & chapter development, addressing the realities of D9 traditions & stigmas, spotlighting Greeks making boss moves, or simply getting comfortable in our feelings box, these topics were explicitly and intentionally explored to show the world and each other that we are more than hazing scandals, probates, and telling prospects what not to do in order to be us.

In my mind, we look more like this:

In April, I made DPTaughtMe to be the first of its kind to address Greek Life leadership, mentorship, personal and professional development through a candid and introspective perspective. It was created as a means to cultivate and digitally mentor young, forward-thinking, creative, and action-oriented NPHC Greek leaders during their collegiate and post-graduation years. With nearly 50 blogs, 6,000 visitors, and 13k views, with your help – you, the DPTaughtMe and Watch the Yard family, have proven that you identify and relate to this narrative.

1_heartsAnd since y’all are riding with me (and I’m extremely grateful that you’re my #ComeThroughCrew), feel free to join me as I low-key amp up the volume in 2016. Starting January 2nd, I’m launching DP Check-Ins on Periscope!!! YUPPPP (if you read that in Trey Songz’ voice, I rock with you heavy.)

That’s right. All the crazy, inspirational and sometimes controversial shenanigans we get into here, we’re taking it to the Scope. This will allow us to get to know each other a little better, share pearls of wisdom (Greek and life related) and most importantly – invite you guys to share your experiences and feedback with me and the fam!

Now, lemme just say this! If you’re not familiar with Periscope, here’s the magic of this phone app. Periscope allows you to record live videos for your followers. While you’re live streaming, your followers can comment on what you’re saying and tap the heart button on the bottom right side of the screen if they’re feeling you. Now here’s the catch. Just like SnapChat, these videos only last for 24 Hours! With that being said, if you miss the live recording or the instant replay and you still want to see the footage, ya gotta sign up for the DPTaughtMe Newsletter, which is also launching next year! You’ll get dope spotlights on Millennials who are D9 Bosses, updates on DPTaughtMe moves, freebies and much more! And don’t worry, the blogs aren’t going to disappear!

I hope to see you (and a few of your friends and friends friends) here next year! Matter of fact, make sure you tune in Dec 31st. We’ll have a special announcement concerning DP Check-Ins that is perfect for your pre-New Years Turn Up! Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Persicope below. I’m eternally grateful for your love and support fam! I’ll check you next week!








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