Role Call: Close Friends with Greeks


So we’re back at it with another web-series Role Call installment. For those of yall who don’t know, I am a black web-series fanatic! In addition to celebrating shows that tell great, relateable narratives, it’s also pretty dope that we get to spotlight some of the NPHC members who are putting their acting chops to work! So far, we’ve covered some of our D9 fam from the Black & Sexy TV network, BOATV & Black Boots, and now we’re shedding some much needed light on 2KLifeTv’s award winning show, the Close Friends web series. I’m not about that Netflix & Chill life, but I will Youtube & Chit Chat about this twisted tale of a friendship these folks have within their story lines.

With 3 seasons tucked under their belt, there is enough love, drama, suspense and “chillllllllle no they didn’t” moments to last you well into the next day, the next day, day after that, and so on and so forth. It starts off as a simple story about a friends in school kickin it like most friends do. Some folks are crushin on each other, some are denying their feelings, some are wildin out and some relationships are just plain…I don’t know. I don’t even have the word for it. But somehow, the story went from 0-100 real quick and the plot thickens into switcharoo relationships, cray cray pop up girlfriends, battles with drug addiction, someone getting got, and a whole bunch of other drama filled goodness that will keep you glued to your television screen.  This web series does a great job of embracing the multi-dimensional facets of even the closest of friendships and lets us know that the imperfection of them all is what makes relationships meaningful. They are already into Season 4 with three juicy  episodes fresh out oven waiting for your viewing pleasure. However, I suggest you watch from the beginning. Trust me, you won’t want to miss a thing!

Speaking of not wanting to miss a thing, we wanted to give a special shout out to the Divine 9 Greeks in this series: The dynamic and handsome men – Sigma Man, Austin Buda and Alpha Frater T.Pindell. And last, but not least the gorgeous, talented lady of Alpha Kappa Alpha,  Ashley Arielle.

Close Friends is Austin Buda‘s debut series as he plays Kevin, the ambitious, straight forward and overly calculated yet indecisive best friend of Nathan. He’s a graduate of FAU and is currently pursuing his acting career.  Ashley Arielle plays the sweet, sophisticated and sometimes suspicious leading lady Tori. Ashley is currently pursuing her degree in Exercise Science and Health Promotion at FAU. T.Pindell plays Marcus, the new neighbor turned love interest of the lovely yet ever so sassy Kira. You can also find T.Pindell doing the most on his Youtube and Instgram platforms where you can find hilarious skits, bloopers and behind the scenes footage and health and fitness tips.

You can check out their skit “Sibling Goals” below.

And once you’re finished, go on and bounce on over to the 2KLifeTV Youtube Channel to subscribe and watch the latest episodes of “Close Friends“. Don’t forget to follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well. Keep up the the good work fellas! We’re proud of you and we’re tuned in.

Facebook:  Close Friends

Twitter: Close Friends, Ashley ArielleAustin Buda, T.Pindell

Instagram: Close FriendsAshley Arielle, Austin Buda, T.Pindell

Youtube: Close Friends, T.Pindell


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