Trust the Process: The Intro

Remember when you first thought about joining your organization? You attended the events, rubbed elbows with the members, researched history, expressed interest and waited ever so quietly until an official invitation shook your world up. You had dreamed of becoming a Frat or Soror and now it was finally your chance to show and prove. From that moment, you imagined what your line jacket would look like, who would be at your probate, how loud you would be during role call and when you’d run out to be Super Neo once your org’s song came on at any given black function. Yeah. According to you, you were in that thing. Until you realized, there was a process.

Whatever your process may or may not have been, there was a process none the less. It made you the Greek you are today. Every bit of information, every ritual, every word of encouragement or lack there of, slowly but surely lead you to the place where past kings and queens crossed the burning sands. The process wasn’t easy, but it was necessary. Necessary for growth, necessary for understanding, necessary for cultivating resilience, endurance, interdependence, and trust. If it didn’t teach you that, me and your Dean need to chat. But that’s neither here nor there. The point I’m trying to make is: the process teaches us how to transfer those same principals from Greek life and implement them into our everyday lives, especially during hard times.

The past few months have been very trying for me. I’m experiencing the largest learning curve I have yet to face. My purpose has become more clear. My path has become a little more defined. My direction has shifted and my patience has been affected along the way. That made me think. Sometimes, when we’re trying to achieve our dreams, we get caught up in focusing on two main variables: goal setting and the end result. But there is one variable that tends to get neglected: the process. We know that somewhere in the middle, hard work will be inserted into the equation,but we never really take the time to calculate the cost, the stress, the worry and the sacrifice it takes to really make things flow. Similar to our Greek process, we had an “idea” of what was going to happen, but we were never really quite sure. Just like in life, we have an “idea” of what it takes to attain our definition of success. But it isn’t until we’re in the thick of it, that we learn how to maneuver, cope, strategize, recoup, and most importantly “trust the process”.

Even though it’s a phrase I’ve heard time and time again, especially in Greek life, it has repeatedly been on my mind for about a year now. I am just starting to understand what it all means in terms of my career, my love life, my platonic and family relationships, and even in addressing my own personal issues. It has come to my attention that:

” Trusting the process means embracing, enhancing and wisely utilizing the time you’re given to achieve your goals. “

Seeing that most of you are very ambitious and driven individuals, I know that you sometimes feel the pressure to make things happen by making them happen flawlessly. But unfortunately, that’s not the reality we live in. And despite what society says, that’s okay. We eff up. We get fall. We fail. We come back to square one. Hell, sometimes square zero. But the point is, in time, we get back up, we push forward and learn valuable lessons along the way. And speaking of lessons…

As I continue my journey of self discovery, I wanted to share some gems of insight that made my quest a little more clear to navigate. Over the next few weeks, I will write a post that will contribute to the mini-series I’m calling “Trust the Process”. Since it’s Thanksgiving season, I thought it’d be appropriate to space these blogs throughout this month. I am very thankful for each “A-ha” moment that have been bestowed to me. Plus, I’m long winded; I’m not trying to make one blog a novel just because I think everything is important.

MIND YOU, I might get a little personal. I don’t do it often and I hate doing it at all. However, in order to be transparent with you and honest about my lessons, we gotta get a little closer. Not spooning in winter close. More like…that awkward spacing during your first “Netflix and Chill” night when you want to get cozy with the person, but you’re not sure if you’re there to chill or “chill”. That kinda close. Yall are just getting to know me and I you. We’ll keep it friendly and slightly intimate.

With that being said, I hope you join me next week. Even if you don’t, this will be cathartic for me and I hope it will help someone else. My first official topic will be “Trust the Process: There’s Beauty In The Struggle.

If you have learned any valuable lessons from “trusting the process” (whether it’s in Greek Life or Real Life) I’d love to hear from you! Tweet or IG me at @DPTaughtMe and share your story. You never know how you could serve as a catalyst for change.

Until next time fam! Yall be blessed.


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