Trust the Process: Don’t Rush

Hey Hey Fam! Welcome back to the DPTaughtMe Trust the Process series! If this is your first time reading a blog from this installment, what it do fam?! If you’re wondering what this series is about, here it is. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I’m sharing a few life lessons I am grateful for. This season, my biggest lesson has been learning what “Trust the Process” means and what that entails. So far, this is what I’ve come up with (click the highlighted title to see the past blogs). Trusting the Process means:

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Trust the Process: Persistent Preparation Precedes Progress

So, if you’re just now joining us for the Trust the Process series, welcome! In the spirit of the Thanksgiving season, I have been sharing life lessons I am grateful for. These particular lessons center around “Trusting the Process” and all that entails. In my first lesson, we discussed finding beauty in your struggle. Today, I’m going to dig into the next lesson:

Trusting the process means knowing that persistent preparation precedes progress.

Yes, that was a lot of alliteration, but work with me. It’s necessary, I promise. Okay…no more P words. Let’s get into it, shall we?

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Trust the Process: Beauty in the Struggle

Last week, I told you guys I was getting a little personal with my next few blogs. I’m not going to burst into tears or anything ( if I do, at least you can’t see it) so don’t fret. But I do feel like this “Trusting the Process” thing can make a playa emotional. So many of us claim to live by this motto. However, when we think about it, this saying comes with different sets of lessons that most of us don’t truly grasp until we actually HAVE to implement the statement in our daily lives. This DPTaughtMe series explores those lessons. And here is lesson number one:

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Trust the Process: The Intro

Remember when you first thought about joining your organization? You attended the events, rubbed elbows with the members, researched history, expressed interest and waited ever so quietly until an official invitation shook your world up. You had dreamed of becoming a Frat or Soror and now it was finally your chance to show and prove. From that moment, you imagined what your line jacket would look like, who would be at your probate, how loud you would be during role call and when you’d run out to be Super Neo once your org’s song came on at any given black function. Yeah. According to you, you were in that thing. Until you realized, there was a process.

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Happy Veterans Day from DPTaughtMe!

From DPTaughtMe we want to sincerely wish all of our military men and women, specifically our proud members of NPHC, a Happy Veterans Day. We love, honor and appreciate everything you did and continue to do for our country. Words can’t really express the gratefulness and gratitude that we owe you, but we hope you accept what we have all the same.

VeteransDay1Just as a token of our appreciation, we compiled a list of Veteran freebies, deals and services you might enjoy! Special S/o to Military Greeks for the pics and for creating a space for our NPHC members! Follow them on Instagram Fam! Thank you again for your service!



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Ways to Revamp and Regift Greek Paraphernalia: Sorors

Greek gifting season is upon us people! Probates, graduations, holidays and birthdays. Tis the season to give, give and give otra vez! Whether we’re purchasing something for ourselves, our Spesh, Sandz, Number, Neo, Legacy, or whoever,  you name it, we’re going all out on the cool Nalia! Because that’s what we’re supposed to do. Afterall, we all have a bajillion shirts with our organization’s letters and/or sayings on them. Somewhere in our apartment, we can find at least 3 variations of wooden paddles, picture frames, shadow boxes or whatever else can be made with wood and paint. It’s TRA-DISH-E-ON!

HOOOOOOWWEEVA! Sometimes we just don’t know what to do with with all of our divine digs. Especially our tshirts.  Seriously, what are we supposed to do with half a million tshirts from picnics, neo years, homecomings, etc? When we can’t answer that question, we end up with this foolishness:

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