Greeks Who Run IG , Part 1

I am a self-proclaimed social media junkie. At the crack of dawn, I roll over in my bed and scroll down my various timelines just like the next person. Sometimes I have to catch myself and make sure I give God thanks before I tap any Twitter, Facebook or IG icon.

Well, this morning wasn’t any different. I turned on my light, said my morning prayers and then commenced my daily ritual of letting the bright light of Instagram kiss my face. As my fingers glided across each image, I wondered why I did this every single morning. After pondering a bit (aka…trying to rationalize the minutes I was wasting laying in bed), I realized social media has become an inspiration hub for me. I’m not sure how this works for others, but I’m usually kinda picky about what accounts I follow. If it doesn’t build me up mentally, spiritually or emotionally, then I don’t need it in my life ( Philippians 4:8 lifestyle bruh). Feeding yourself uplifting, informative and entertaining content can turn a bad day around, encourage you to try new things, or even give you a fresh perspective on life.

Well, these accounts do just that. Here are some of my favorite Instagram pages to follow. All of them feature members of NPHC who are doing great and unique things on and offline. We’re going to make this a series since I have so many people to spotlight. Check them out and don’t forget to follow them!

Health & Fitness

Greeks That Lift (Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.)  


Ronald Edmonds, fitness guru and Founder/CEO of Greeks That Lift, created this brand to challenge the stereotypes of what “fit living” looks like. Ronald started Anger MGMT Fitness (parent company of Greeks That Lift) his junior year at Purdue University shortly after he began working at GNC. He started seeing people constantly coming in, expecting a magical supplement pill to eliminate the need to exercise and to solve all of their health needs. Customers thought shortcuts were the answer to the results they wanted without putting in the hard work needed to obtain the desired transformation. After seeing a lack of motivation from different disgruntled customers, Ronald decided he wanted to change the mindset of his clients and rid the excuses. Yall know how we are with ‘excuses’.

Ronald created a plan and platform to help clients motivate themselves and work HARD for the results they wanted. Thus, the movement was started and Anger MGMT Fitness & Greeks That Lift were born. Greeks That Lift spotlight numerous members of NPHC who workout and have fun doing it. You will find inspiring photos of frat and sorors who will shame into getting off the couch, customized Greek workout tanks and whey protein to get your fitness journey started. Seeing as how African Americans are leading the trend in many health related illnesses, this page is a great way to put NPHC leadership into action by encouraging our community to get fit and stay healthy.


Instagram: @GreeksThatLift                


She Plays Golf (Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc.) 


When most people think about golf, they think of Tiger Woods or older wealthy white men cruising over green hills at a country club. Since my collegiate years, whenever I think of golf, I think of Maggie Noel, aka Ms. She Plays Golf. I went to UNT with Maggie and we had a couple classes together. I don’t know her personally, but I’ve always considered her a distant mentor. When I found out she played golf, I started to observe and watch her moves. Seeing a woman prevail in a male dominated industry is always worth watching.

Maggie redefines what it looks like to be a minority AND female in the golf industry. She is edgy, fashionable, friendly, giving and multi-talented. She teaches classes to women and children at Maggie’s School of Golf, helping to empower her clients, build their confidence and assist them in breaking barriers through the game of golf. Her alluring smile and charasmatic personality has helped her gain renowned recognition from publications such as Golf Digest’s Best Young Teachers in America (2014-15) and Swing Man Golf’s Top 100 Most Popular Golf Instructors in the World. She also dabbles in acting, modeling, motivational speaking.…AND tha girl does taxes. I’m loving what she is doing and can’t wait to see what else she has in store.


Twitter: @sheplaysgolf

Instagram: @sheplaysgolf


SoulfitGrill (Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc.) 


If anyone knows me, they know I loooooove to cook. Maybe it’s the Zeta in me, IOOOOONNNN KNOW! Anways, I enjoy cooking for others and experimenting with different flavors, textures and ingredients. Usually, for culinary inspiration, I’d peruse through Pinterest for recipes. Fortunately, I randomly ran across Soul Fit Grill on IG and I’ve been hooked ever since. Chaz Hammond, grill master extraordinaire, post pictures of deluctable grilled meats and fresh veggies that he’s prepared. Chaz emphatically emphasizes that nutrition AND flavor are equally important when we cook. What I appreciate most about SoulFitGrill is that all the recipes are healthy, tasty AND low in sodium.

Although Chaz is currently preparing to pursue his Enviornmental Law degree, agriculture still sits close to his heart. He always admired his grandmother’s soul food growing up and wanted to make the food that she was infamous for, but with a little twist. Chaz cultivates vegetables in his own garden in the same way my great grandmawmaw and granddaddy did. I always found my grandparent’s garden interesting, convenient and economically responsible. It was a way to feed our family, teach us responsibility and work ethic, and helped our family save grocery and gas money. Generational gardners are a rarity, so I’m glad Chaz is bringing this trend back to life. In a time where many of our urban communities are increasingly  experiencing food deserts, it is becoming more and more pertinent to teach each other and others how to grow  and share our own food in order to help our communities sustain themselves. He even convinced me to build a garden of my own (Lord help me). I met Chaz earlier this year at a Crawfish Broil  and not only is he hella cool, but his food was amazing. I copped the seasoning and let me tell you, it gets added in plenty of my meals. Read more about Chaz here and feel free to try some of his recipes!


 Twitter: @Soulfitgrill    Instagram: @soulfitgrill


Stay tuned for our next installment of Greeks Who Run the IG Yard: Art & Culture Edition.

Who do you follow that deserves a shoutout? If you know account that should be featured, let us know!


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