The Cost of “Pledging” Allegiance to BGLOs

So this morning, as with most mornings, I woke up, said my prayers and reached for my phone to check my social media. Among the break of dawn Bible scriptures, “Black Girls Slay” photos and hilarious skits from my favorite IG comedians, I saw a small post from a Greek Instagram account nestled awkwardly in my newsfeed. It was screenshot of an article written by Jasmine Osby of Madame Noire entitled Pledging A Black Greek- Letter Organization Gave Me PTSD”. Under the photo layed the caption “#ReadArticle then leave comment after. #ShareYourThoughts #RP”. And that’s when all hell broke loose.

Normally, before I scan the comment section, I read the article to understand the matter at hand. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the story, it goes like this:

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3 Ways Greeks Can Stand Out During Back-2-School Week

It’s the first week back on campus and the “Back to School” hype is at an all time high. You’re reuniting with friends, enjoying a plethora of events, checking class schedules, scoping out new faces and getting acclimated to your new collegiate status as a freshman, sophomore, junior or a blessed senior (Thank you Jesus!)

Yeah. Your school pulled out all the stops to make a good impression on all its beloved students. Whether it’s a huge sign, a free t-shirt or a small pen, no matter where you look, something or somebody has school spirit infused in it.

Back to School festivities are a great catalyst for Greek organizations to launch their fraternities and sororities into the forefront of student’s minds. Here are three easy, interesting and subtle ways your organization can capitalize off of the “Back to School” energy and leave a lasting impression on your student body.

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Divine Nine Devotion: Scriptures to Help Greek Organizations Prepare for the Year

In everything I do, I strive to give God the glory in my thoughts, in my words and in my actions. Whether it’s in my personal life or in a group environment, when I use the Word of God to guide my every day life decisions, the end results are always humbling and amazing. One of the things I appreciate most about my sorority is that we start our chapter meetings off with prayer. When you cover your organization in the blessings and blood of Jesus, it elevates your chapter and chapter members to levels you could never dream of.

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Greeks Who Run IG , Part 1

I am a self-proclaimed social media junkie. At the crack of dawn, I roll over in my bed and scroll down my various timelines just like the next person. Sometimes I have to catch myself and make sure I give God thanks before I tap any Twitter, Facebook or IG icon.

Well, this morning wasn’t any different. I turned on my light, said my morning prayers and then commenced my daily ritual of letting the bright light of Instagram kiss my face. As my fingers glided across each image, I wondered why I did this every single morning. After pondering a bit (aka…trying to rationalize the minutes I was wasting laying in bed), I realized social media has become an inspiration hub for me. I’m not sure how this works for others, but I’m usually kinda picky about what accounts I follow. If it doesn’t build me up mentally, spiritually or emotionally, then I don’t need it in my life ( Philippians 4:8 lifestyle bruh). Feeding yourself uplifting, informative and entertaining content can turn a bad day around, encourage you to try new things, or even give you a fresh perspective on life.

Well, these accounts do just that. Here are some of my favorite Instagram pages to follow. All of them feature members of NPHC who are doing great and unique things on and offline. We’re going to make this a series since I have so many people to spotlight. Check them out and don’t forget to follow them!

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