Role Call: Greek Life as Told by BOATV – Black Boots

So, my  last blog got me thinking about other shows I watch on a regular. Since 2011, I have sworn off of “ratchett” television. No more Real Housewives of Anything, Love and Hip Hop of Anywhere or Bad Girls Club of Whatever. The only reality shows I watch are on the OWN Network. Last February, I started reducing my television intake all together. Why? Because it is important to use my time wisely. When I do engage in television viewership, I normally dedicate myself to web series that tell my narrative.

In the previous Role Call edition, I spoke on the greatness of the Black & Sexy Tv webseries and the Divine Nine Greeks who help bring the webisodes to life. For the second installment, I’d like to introduce you to Alpha Man, Geno Brooks and the Black Boots Series.


I ran across Black Boots one restless late night. I couldn’t sleep nor could I remember my Dad’s Netflix password. I had watched everything that Black & Sexy TV had to offer and needed new material to keep me entertained. As I scoured through Youtube for black webseries, I finally landed on a series that focused on, you guessed it…Greek Life. Now, I’ll admit. In my head, I was like “If this is some Stomp the Yard/ Drumline Part 3 kinda bullshiii, I’m going to be upset.” But it wasn’t. As a matter of fact, it’s far from cheesy and focuses on everything else BUT stepping. Instead, this series highlights the ups and downs of a full pledging process from the aspirant’s AND prophyte’s perspective.


The Black Boots series depicts the process of aspirants pledging fictional fraternities Epsilon Chi Tau and Mu Beta Kappa and sorority Theta Eta Pi at fictional HBCU Brooks University. The series covers a myriad of topics including dating Greeks, pressures of being a legacy, dropping and crossing other orgs, over zealous prophytes, the anxiety of academic responsibility, questionable prophyte requests, being strapped for cash, crazy events that build brotherhood/sisterhood among your line, compromising situations that can come up and so much more.


What I appreciate the most about Black Boots is that nothing is sugar-coated. Each episode is raw and consistently candid. There are times where it gets very Shonda Rhimes Scandal-ish. Then, the next thing you know the plot is so familiar you’ll be going on a full fledge emotional roller coaster reminiscing about the “good ol’days”. In each scene, Geno Brooks and the Band of Artists explore the importance of fraternal and sororal bonds before, during and after “the process” that are critical to our development as Greek leaders. Unlike other Greek related movies, Black Boots provides a more realistic depiction of the challenges we Greeks go through: the good, the bad and the downright ugly. I’ve enjoyed using this show as a catalyst of discussion for my friends and I.  If anything, Black Boots allows us to delve into serious Greek related matters in an entertaining and informal way. Whether you went through a similar process or not, this storyline rings authentic for hundreds of Greeks. The complexity and attractiveness of the characters, the diversity of topics and immense amount of talent each actor exudes will almost make you want to slip your boots back on. Key word, almost.


Make sure you check out Black Boots and other awesome programming on Band of Artists TV here! Let us know what you think about the show!

(P.S. If you have time, check out this interview Geno did with HBCU Digest. It won’t disappoint, promise.)


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