Role Call: Greek Life as Told by BOATV – Black Boots

So, my  last blog got me thinking about other shows I watch on a regular. Since 2011, I have sworn off of “ratchett” television. No more Real Housewives of Anything, Love and Hip Hop of Anywhere or Bad Girls Club of Whatever. The only reality shows I watch are on the OWN Network. Last February, I started reducing my television intake all together. Why? Because it is important to use my time wisely. When I do engage in television viewership, I normally dedicate myself to web series that tell my narrative.

In the previous Role Call edition, I spoke on the greatness of the Black & Sexy Tv webseries and the Divine Nine Greeks who help bring the webisodes to life. For the second installment, I’d like to introduce you to Alpha Man, Geno Brooks and the Black Boots Series.

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Role Call: The Greeks Behind Black & Sexy TV

In my downtime, aside from reading, blogging and scrolling through my social media newsfeeds, I love catching up on my favorite television shows. Now, it’s been a while since I’ve watched traditional television. Don’t get me wrong… I catch my fair share of Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder, Empire, Power and Being Mary Jane episodes. However, independent webseries are my homies!

And nooooo I’m not talking about Netflix, aka thirst trap central. My must-haves reside on Youtube and VHX. More specifically, I love watching Black webseries that reflect my every day friends, family and situatons. I want to share a few of my favorite webseries that relate to Greek life in some way, shape or form. One of my absolute faaaaaaaaavorite Youtube channels is Black & Sexy TV.

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Dynamic Chapter Guideline

The beginning of the school year can be really hectic.  You’re attending “Welcome Back” festivities. You’re learning and revising class schedules.  The Financial Aid Office can’t seem to get your scholarships together. And let’s not forget, it’s chapter meeting time.

Yes, your beloved chapter meetings. Neos and Prophytes alike are ready to get the year started right! And in order to do that, we’ve drafted up a simple How-To guide that will earn you Dynamic Chapter of the Year. So here we go:

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Tempted To Drop

Life can throw us some pretty fast curve balls. Just when it seems like you set your sights on something, Mayhem sticks its ugly head in to block progress. We know this to be true especially when we’re trying to challenge ourselves. But believe it or not, life’s bs is the least of your problems. What really defines our success or failure is our  diligence and will to persevere through anything.

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Bloody & Unbowed: 7 Ways To Help Your Community In a National Crisis

Just about a month ago, McKinney, Texas broke the internet. We witnessed Police Officer Eric Casebolt aggressivly aim a loaded gun at teenagers and use excessive and abusive force to arrest a minor who had attended a pool party gone wrong. A few weeks ago, yet another tragic act of violence was committed against the Black community. Dylann Roof, a 21 South Carolina resident, took it upon himself to attend a Bible Study and kill 9 service attendees that night. His reason: because they were black. I choose not to go into the details because it’s too painful. If you click this link, you can see the full story. If you click this link, you can see the background stories of these beautiful angels who now reside in heaven. Because of this massacre and Dylann association to the Confederate flag as a symbol of white supremacy, many have protested that the flag be taken down from government property as a sign of solidarity to past, current and future black lives. Since then, within the last 2 weeks,in retaliation to the removal of the flag, there have been several church arson cases blazing through the Southern states.

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