THE Guide to Attending a NPHC Greek Picnic

If you are a NPHC member, you know this is  Greek Turn Up season. Travel arrangements have been developing in GroupMe chatrooms for months. You’re ordering your flyest greek apparel ahead of time. Old heads and Neos are simultaneously perfecting and synchronizing steps. This is time to show out in the best way possible.

Let’s marinate on those key words, “best way possible” for a minute. One thing some NPHC members fail to realize is that even though this may feel like another version of “Spring Break”, they still have to uphold their letters in a respectful and tasteful manner. Having fun is not an excuse or scapegoat for misconduct and irresponsible behavior.

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10 Things Graduating Greeks Need To Know: Part 2

So in our last installment, we candidly discussed a few things that graduating Greeks might need to know before they step out into the “Real World.” Grad chapter guilt, Greekdom beef, the fear of lacking work experience, unresponsive lb’s and ls’, you know…the norm. Just kidding. No, but really, we did touch on those important topics. And now, we’re going to hit five more topics that will help you moon walk into the professional world with a little more confidence.

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10 Things Graduating Greeks Need To Know: Part 1

Graduation is an exciting and momentous day for any graduate.  Waiting to hear your name to walk across the stage. Switching your tassel right to left. Taking a bajillion of pictures with friends and family. Listening to your chapter members corral around you in song as they celebrate this next big step in your life. I mean, this is a pretty big deal. The day is all a blissful blur.

But unlike marriage, you don’t get a honeymoon phase after everything dies down. It gets real…real fast. While I want you to soak in this ceremonious event, I also want to pass on a few pearls and jewels that will help you deal with “The Real World” once the celebration is over. Here are 10 lessons and realities I learned that will help my fellow Greeks transition into the professional world a bit more smoothly.

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Lessons From Legacies: Saying Thanks to Our Divine Teachers

For those of you who may not be familiar with the meaning of “Legacy”, here’s a simple explanation. If you are considered a “Legacy” within your organization, it means you have joined the same organization as your fore-mothers and fore-fathers. You wear your letters with pride knowing your parents, your grandparents and your great grandparents all belong to the same organization. But, one thing I’ve come to acknowledge and embrace is our power to create our own legacy without the family lineage. We create legacies by leaving legendary impacts on the lives around us. In turn, those pupils then pass down the positivity we instill in them to other people, thus creating a legacy of our own. The people who do this the absolute most are our educators.

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99 On My Line & I Know Not One

When I first received the invitation to join my sorority, I was ecstatic. The sense of excitement rushed through my body as I thought of what my line jacket would say, how proud I would feel waving my sign in the air, and how great it would be to have an indescribable bond with my sorority sisters. After crossing the burning sands….reality hit. As I began to cope with the dynamics of Greek Life relationships, I realized a few things:

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