Honorable Mentions

A couple of weeks ago was Boule and Conclave central, as well as Phi Beta Sigma’s 100th year anniversary (GOMAB to my Frat). Among all of the conference hype, we gained new NPHC members, including songstress, actress and Alpha Kappa Alpha Legacy, Brandy Norwood. As the photo of Brandy circulated online, we noticed her ceremonial white dress and Ivy struck a nerve with a few AKA members and non members alike.

As I jealously trolled through my Facebook Newsfeed for DC photos of Zeta & Sigma DC festivities, I ran across an article written by one of  Madame Noire author’s Charing Ball. The blog entitled “ Why I Think Honorary Greek Inductions Are Unfair” detailed a story of love, lost and self proclaimed “closure”. She tells of her excitement to join AKA, her inability to become a member due to lack of finances, and her disdain of “undeserving” Honorary Members.

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